Auditing and Other Identification Services

We hold that auditing can not only check the finance report but also add the value for the clients. To help you to understand the real financial condition of the enterprise and make the correct operation decisions, we will provide the following auditing and other identification services for you on the basis of going deep into your business:
• Auditing the accounting report
• Verifying the capital
• Auditing service in the mergence, division and settlement of the enterprise
• Negotaiting the procedure
• Evaluating the total assets and single asset
• Checking the budget and final accounts of the capital construction
• Appraising the judical accounting

Accounting Services

We hold that the accounting services are not the simple type for keeping accounts and making the financial reports and it should improve the effect of the clients’ value chain and standardize the financial operation. As a professional accountant, we provide the following accounting services for you with the effect as the aim and the efficiency as the core:
• Accounting consultation service all the year around
• Acting for keeping accounts
• Design of the accounting system
• Training accountants
• Outwork of the salary
• Consultation of electric calculation of accounting

Taxation Services

Guarding against the taxation risks, grasping the latest taxation policies and fulfilling the maximum profits is the problem paid attention to by each enterprise. As a professional taxation consultant, we can provide the following taxation services for you to improve your work efficiency and optimize your taxation structure:
• Taxation Agent
• Taxation Consultation
• Taxation Plan
• Taxation Check

Investment Consultation Services

The trend of the global economic integration makes the attention of more and more foreign investors is turned to China and at the same time more and more investors go abroad. How can you answer the new changing economic era? We can become the strong assistant for you to develop your business through providing the following investment consultation services.
• Consultation of investment in China
• Establishment service
• Consultation of abroad investment
• Financial survey of fulfilling the duties
• Management of investment risks

Interior Control and Financial Management

It is the aim of every company to strengthen the interior control and keep the continuous and stable development. Howerver, the control of the risks should not only be discussed theoretically, and the management efficiency and control effect should be paid more attention to. Our team can help the management staff to perfect the interior control and improve the control effect.
• Consultation of interior control of the enterprise
• Checking the interior control of the enterprise
• Interior auditing

Secretary Services

Getting rid of the numerous and sundry work and focusing on your own key capability can improve your competitive advantages. Entrusting the professional staff with the work, such as the registration of the enterprise, you can spend more valuable time in the operation activities. According to your requirements, we provide all kinds of the agency service, including:
• Registration of changes of the enterprise (such as changes of the legal representatives, the directors, the registrated address, the transfer of the stock ownership and the registered capital)
• Joint Yearly Inspection
• Registration of closure matters of companies/offices


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